Thrive Global, founded by Arianna Huffington, published an excerpt from Conscious Leadership on the importance of regularly revitalizing. Here’s a quote that sums up the message:

For leaders in any field or area of expertise, the power of rest, repose, relaxation, and rejuvenation should never be underestimated. It might seem counterintuitive to suggest that such passive, quiescent activities can be the fount of dynamism and creativity, but that’s exactly the point. Indeed, there may be few things that spur productivity more than those behaviors that allow us to empty our mind of prosaic mental clutter. That might mean meditation, sleep, a long run, or just a walk in the woods. In those moments of relative stillness, the superficial concerns that usually fill our waking mind leave our attention like water flowing out of an overturned vase, and the deeper cognitive algorithms and higher intuitive functions of our mental apparatus can begin to work their own magic on the issues of the moment. Often, the result will be the pleasant surprise of creative insight, or a newly affirmed conviction in the right way forward.
from Conscious Leadership

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