A Skeptic in the Heart of Science

What would you conclude about a book named “The Science Delusion”? I suspect most would assume it was 1) a response to Richard Dawkins’ book, “The God Delusion” and 2) a religious attack on science. Rupert Sheldrake’s impressive new book is neither, (though he...


EVOLUTIONARIES went on sale this week! You can order it here. We launched the book with a wonderful party Tuesday night in New York City—great to share this moment with so many good friends and like-minded colleagues. Here’s a picture from my first book signing:...

What Does it Mean to Be Authentic?

One of the most interesting thinkers today regarding the nature of the self in relationship to our heavily mediated world is Thomas de Zengotita. He is a fascinating observer of how the evolution of media and the evolution of self are intrinsically connected. Here is...

The New Frontier of Being Human

What does it mean to be human? That was the theme of San Francisco’s aptly named “Being Human” conference, held at the Palace of Fine Arts the last weekend in March. Convened by the Baumann Foundation, whose mission is to foster greater clarity about the human...

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