A masterful survey…

Evolutionaries incorporates science and faith by broadening the definition and scope of what evolution is understood to be.

—Publishers Weekly 

About the Book

We’ve all heard about fossils and fruit flies, Darwin and Dawkins. But what if our current scientific understanding of evolution was just the tip of the iceberg? What if there’s a way to see evolution that could transform not just your understanding of the physical world, but also your most fundamental sense of self-identity? A perspective that could give you a rational, intellectually informed sense of optimism for the future, or even a new source of insight and inspiration?

In this groundbreaking book, Phipps introduces a movement of visionary scientists, philosophers, and spiritual thinkers who are quietly forging this new understanding of evolution. Their contribution, he posits, may one day be seen as equaling the Western Enlightenment in its dramatic, culture-changing power. He calls them “Evolutionaries,” and his book provides the first popular guide to these exciting minds who are illuminating the secrets of our past and expanding the vistas of our future.

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