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“Innovation, creativity, and breakthrough ideas require more than networks of interacting neurons in our brains. They depend on interacting networks of actual people—engaging, refining, inventing, imagining, sharing, and building on one another’s work.”

from Conscious Leadership


Carter is a dynamic speaker who has presented at universities, conferences, conclaves, and other public forums in the United States and Europe. He has addressed the Conscious Capitalism CEO Summit; has been featured on NPR, MSNBC, and the BBC; and is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council.

Carter is available to present on a wide variety of topics. Sample speeches include:

  • “Business Is Good, But You Can Make it Great: The Critical Role of Conscious Leadership in the Evolution of Capitalism and Culture”
  • “From Counterculture to Corporate Culture: What Executives Can Learn from the Human Potential Movement”
  • “Breaking the Spell of Solidity: What Evolution Can Teach Us About Innovation”
  • “Are You An Evolutionary? Understanding Change in an Unfinished Universe”


Carter is a trusted advisor to leaders in many fields. His broad and eclectic palette of interests and expertise enables him to offer fresh, insightful perspectives that unlock leadership conundrums. Drawing on his decades of experience leading personal growth journeys and facilitating collective intelligence among groups, Carter is available for select executive coaching engagements or bespoke leadership development trainings. He can draw on the talents of an expert network of collaborators to design customized offerings for teams and organizations.


Carter is a great believer in the principle of win-win-win thinking. He welcomes opportunities to collaborate and work with other creative thinkers and do-ers. Over the years, he has designed conferences, curated gatherings, co-authored books and papers, co-facilitated seminars and educational programs, and more.

“As we search for a new orientation that will serve us for the next millennium, it would be hard to find a better guide than Carter Phipps.”

—Brian Swimme Ph.D.,

 California Institute of Integral Studies


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